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Thu, Nov 24, 2022 3:19 PM


Dark mode for ChemDraw?

Hi friends, 

Just having a thought :) I have started using MS Office in Dark Mode, which gives a background of RGB #323130 and makes the 'automatic' text colour appear white. 

I like to paste little ChemDraws into OneNote (sadly they are pasted as images), and with the default stylesheet colours they don't appear visible. So, I was wondering whether we could have a Dark Mode ChemDraw? 

To simulate this, I've created a Dark stylesheet, but the downside is that the 'colour by element' function isn't amazing for this. I'm wondering whether we could have an automatic switch to dark mode function - it could switch foreground colour, background colour (if it's easy to figure out what those should be, eg: if they are set to black & white then switch to white & black), and colour-by-element colours. 

The only elements I'm having trouble with are nitrogen (visible but too dark), and of course carbon! 

(Then there's the other thing I've been hoping for for a while - a "create atom labels with default element colours automatically" setting, but that's a separate matter.) :D

Thanks for any help, team!

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