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Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 3:00 PM

Complex synthesis: Puberulin C


From Chemistry Views, 29 December 2022:


“Masayuki Inoue, The University of Tokyo, Japan, and colleagues have performed the first total synthesis of puberulin C. The team started from 2-cyclohexenone, which forms the A ring of the target compound. A double Mannich reaction was then used to introduce the E ring. After several functionalization steps, the AE ring fragment was combined with lithium TMS-acetylide, allyl bromide, and 2-iodocyclopentenone as the C ring fragment.”


Puberulin (sometimes written puberuline) can be extracted from fungus such as Penicillium tricolor and from plants, for example the Salvia family. Synthetic production opens up huge research possibilities for this biologically active molecule.


Read more Total Synthesis of Puberuline C - ChemistryViews


PS Could you use ChemDraw to create a better visualization of puberulin C? 

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